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Bolt tightening torque calculation formula

Torque is the measure of twist and tension in nut and bolt.Video contains following topics-what is torque,what is the torque of nut and bolt,formula for torq.

T= (k∙f∙d)/12 Where: T=Torque in ft-lb k=Dimensionless nut factor f=axial force in pounds d=Nominal bolt diameter in inches The nut factor is a "modified" friction factor, but a nut factor involves more than just friction. It is more of a multiplier "in total," taking into account many other load losses. Accepted formulae relating torque and tension, based on many tests are: M = P x D M = torque lbf.ft 60 P = bolt tension lbf D = bolt dia.ins Or for metric sizes: M = P x D M = torque N.m 5000 P = bolt tension Newtons D = bolt dia. mm These formulae may be used for bolts outside the range of the tables overleaf. Torque and Tension in Bolts. Bolt, one of the most widely used fasteners in the industry, is usually tightened by applying torque to the head and/or nut. As the bolt is tightened, it is stretched (preloaded). Preload tension is necessary to keep the bolt tight, increase join strength, create friction between parts, and improve fatigue resistance.

This is an industry-accepted formula applied for the estimation of torque value that will give a certain tension or clamp load. Here, the value of the nut factor varies according to the condition of the fasteners. K values used in different conditions are: Hot galvanized,k=0.25. Lubricated, k=0.10. Plain, non plated bolts, k=0.20.

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Bolting torque to develop 50% Bolt Yield Stress at Nut Factor, K=0.16. This Table is applicable to Never-Seize paste and Fel-Pro lubricant, K=0.16. The above Table is applicable only for ASTM A320 Grade B8, Class 2 and A193 Grade B8, Class 2 Stud Bolts. These are 304 SS material. The torque values are approved for spiral wound graphite and PTFE. Formulas. Nuts,Screws,Bolts. NEMA Motor. Fraction-Decimal Chart. in-lb. Numberfactory: Torque Conversions.

Note: It is assumed that new ASTM A193 Gr. B7 studs with 2H heavy hex nuts and hardened steel washers are used and studs, nuts, and nut facings are lubricated with a never-seize paste using the installation and bolt tightening practices outlined above. Torque is based the higher of 40% of bolt yield, T3 or 4800 psi gasket stress up to either the maximum allowable material stress or a maximum.

Below is a list of the recommended tightening torques for 12.9 / 10.9 / 8.8 zinc plated finish bolts. Maximum Recommended Tightening Torques Metric Course Pitch Grade 12.9 Plated Metric Course Pitch Grade 10.9 Plated Metric Course Pitch Grade 8.8 Plated Nm ft-lb Nm ft-lb Nm ft-lb M6 14 10 M6 12 9 M6 [].

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